The Books, Opening Scene

INTERIOR. LIVING ROOM. – EVENING. A family going to bed. The father shuts off the lights. Once the coast is clear, the books begin to chat. RICK (‘Suspense’ on binding, eyes sprout near the top; whispering) Amy! Aaaaammyyyyyyyy! AMY (‘Comedy’ on binding, somewhat loudly) Yeeeeeeeesss? RICK (still whispering) Shhhh! Gee WHIZ, Amy! We’re gonna have the bomb […]

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Final Exam, with a Pop Quiz

(Black screen. Small drips reverberate, a cave may be imagined. Red lights pop out from around an undistinguished corner. First one, then 3, now five; of varying heights. They aren’t bright, but glow brighter each second. They bounce a bit, dancing without choreography. A sense that the lights are coming toward you is derived in […]

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An Unexpected Detour

Emma was a tree, standing twisted and old on an African plain. The orange sun slid down a grapefruit colored sky as a pride of lions padded gently besides her. A majestic father with his gal and 2 cubs. Peering out from eyes embedded in the rigged bark, she focused intently on papa lion’s face until […]

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The Great Lunar Lie

Three men surfed through space inside of a giant, titanium golf tee. Not so much like those longer ones proliferated these days, more like a good-ole-fashioned ‘regular’ tee. The tee also had a few wings and some added minor details, such as rocket propulsion, landing gear, and a rover to explore the surface of extraterrestrial terrestrials. […]

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555-Word Spygame

The first mission I ever got was a complete crock. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame the agency (much), and would’ve done the same in their shoes, but being in my shoes? Man. Just get a load of this nonsense: mission: infiltrate a highly sensitive finance office; gather intel on recent disappearances of three, high-profile VPs parameters: time […]

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